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Published 8th September 2017
Well done year 6, fantastic assembly in such short notice. Nice to see children being given a speaking part for the first time since they started Herrick Primary School. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing the end of year leavers' assembly.

Published 22nd September 2017
Great parfom by year 5 student

Published 13th October 2017
Pam Pattni
Thank you Year 1 for inviting us to visit your clever classroom. It was a great opportunity for the children to show us their work and to meet their fish. I felt the performance was an excellent setting for Rhys to help boost his confidence with speaking in public, the audience was small so perfect for the kids. It would be amazing to have this opportunity more often and with other year groups.

Congratulations Year 3! Your diwali assembly was fantastic! The acting, dancing, costumes and music were outstanding, this has been my favourite Herrick production this year. I would happily pay to watch a show like this!

Selliah Manoharan
Well done year 3, fantastic diwali assembly. Nice to see children being given a speaking,acting and dancing. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing the next assembly.

Published 9th December 2017
Yr1 Parent
Well done to Year 1. An amazing assembly performance by the young and very talented 5/6 year olds. All children showed great confidence in their singing and acting. Look forward to seeing their next performance in Year 2.

Published 13th December 2017
What a fantastic nativity play. Brilliantly acted and sung. A wonderful production that reflected the diversity at Herrick. A big well done to all the kids and staff involved.

Published 13th December 2017
Manisha Bhayani
We came to watch the Year 1 nativity and really enjoyed watching the fantastic performance by all the children. The children enjoyed it too and it was the perfect mix of acting and singing involved. You could see the hard work of the teachers involved. Thank you Year 1 for an engaging and entertaining nativity, it was very sweet.