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Published 19th December 2017
We came to watch the Christmas play by the reception students and we were fascinated at how such young students learned so many lines and songs in such a short amount of time. It was an excellent performance and we are looking forward to more plays in the future.

Published 9th March 2018
Well done to all the talented and very confident children who took part in the Bollywood makes Greek Epic musical. We had a fabulous and entertaining evening! It was great to see children from different year groups perform together as a team. We had a lovely mix of amazing actors, nerveless narrators, superb singers and dazzling dancers.
Well done to Miss Landers and Miss broadhead and all the staff involved in making this an enjoyable night to remember.

Published 9th March 2018
Georgina Paulson
Amazing performances of the Bollywood makes Greek epic musical. Fantastic singing, dancing and acting. Hoping to see more in the future. Congratulations students and staff.
Published 13th April 2018
Priya Ravat
First and foremost, thank you Year 4 for an amazing production of the Vaisakhi festival. It was truly amazing that our new generation, our future is in the hands of individuals that respect a multi-cultural society and have no qualms in respecting other religions. I could not help but think that these children are smart, confident and respectful which are foundations for any child and this was due to the help of Herrick Primary School staff and principles. I am proud that my son is a representative student of this school and hope with sincerity, it will continue with the students to come in the future.
I would like to thank Mr Patel and all the staff at Herrick Primary School for the amazing teaching and learning they provided to my daughter previously and still are providing to students under such an economic state of education welfare currently. So much as to say that my daughter whom was a student at Herrick previously is now looking at attending Oxford Universtiy or Cambridge University. Thank you Herrick Primary School for laying such a foundation that my children will excel from.