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Published 13th April 2018
Thank you Yr4 students for an amazing Vaisakhi festival assembly, you all did really well and showed such confidence and were very knowledgeable. Keep up the great work.
Published 13th April 2018
Neil Dattani
Thank you YR 4 students for today's Vaisakhi assembly, you all did really well. Keep up the good work Herrick.
Published 15th April 2018
I loved the assembly! I will eat a banana with great pride
Published 13th May 2018
Yr 6 Parent
Good luck to all in year 6 with your SATs test. You can do it!
Published 29th June 2018
Yr 6 Parent
Well done year 6. Fantastic performance and well done for overcoming your nerves. You were all brilliant.
Good luck in your next journey.
Published 4th July 2018
I loved the leavers assembly! I will eat an orange and celebrate!
Published 21st September 2018
Mrs Rawlinson
The year 5 harvest assembly was fantastic this morning, well done to all those involved!
I also thought the younger classes arrived and sat beautifully whilst it was all going on which is a real credit to both the school teachers and the parents. A big thank you for all your hard work :)
Published 24th September 2018
Mrs. Devanshi Mehul Verma
Harvest assembly - year 5 children did it beautifully and was happy to see children learn not to waste food - a good initiative by teachers to teach all age groups not to waste food and must say on charity good to see all do the charity for the needy.
Published 7th November 2018
Mr & Mrs Samani
We really enjoyed the Year 3 Diwali performance. It makes us proud to see our daughter and all the other children mixing in and performing together. Being Hindus it's great to see our daughter learn about the Sikh religion as well. To be honest we learnt a bit too, about why Sikhs celebrate Diwali - we always thought they did it for the same reason as Hindus. Well done also to all staff who helped.