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Published 14th November 2018
Chetna Joshi-Yip
I was super impressed with the Diwali assembly performed by Yr 3. The effort made by staff and pupil was fantastic. I enjoyed watching the performance very much, and found it very entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work! :)

Published 7th December 2018
Hanukkah assembly performed by year 1 was just outstanding. I was really impressed by the slow motion battle that was well synced with the song. Students and Teachers hardwork and efforts are quite visible throughtout the performance.

I came to watch the Year 1 Hanukkah assembly this morning and just wanted to share my thoughts. From start to end they were all superb, they all spoke clearly, confidently and with beautiful smiling faces. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them singing and dancing, they are all great little movers! It was visible to see how much hard work went inti the performance by their amazing teachers Mrs Ismail, and Mrs Surani. Thank you for putting on a great assembly but more importantly by teaching us about this special festival. Thank you all :)
Published 19th December 2018
We came to see the Christmas assembly performed by Reception & Nursery. I was really impressed with the performance and level of confidence the children had when performing. They told the story very well with keeping us entertained with their lovely singing. Great work from all the teachers making this possible. Well Done to all : )

Published 8th February 2019
Yr2 Very proud Parent
I would just like to say how impressive the yr2 assembly was. It was an amazing, colourful, entertaining and highly interactive assembly. Well done to all the children and teachers who worked hard to put it together.

Published 5th Spril 2019
Had a great time at the year 4 assembly today all the children explained the festival in great detail and the costumes and dances were amazing. Well done Year 4 and also a special mention to the teachers that made it happen. Keep up the great work bonding the community.