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Herrick Primary School
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Head teacher
As the appointed custodian of Herrick Primary School, I would like to continue to help build on the foundation set by my predecessors and promote the core values of enjoy, achieve and respect. Where each and everyone has the chance to 'be happy, be safe and be them'. Forging aspirations, recognising the importance of 'effort' and knowing that though they may not always obtain the desired outcome, the reward of 'Learning' will always be given in return-by the incredible people who work with them all year round.
Mr Umesh Patel
Herrick Primary School
Head teacher
Mr Umesh Patel
Assistant Head
As a child, I took great pleasure in books, creative writing and drama. I also enjoyed expressing my thoughts and ideas in art and craft. Through the years, my love of learning has continued to grow. And now, as an Assistant head, I take an immense delight in contributing to the children's experience in this special journey of literature, language, invention and above all imagination-the most important experience should be to have fun with it! At Herrick, learning never stops.
Miss Kaur
Herrick Primary School
Assistant Head
Miss Kaur
Assistant Head
At a very young age, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. I enjoy being around children and watching them develop their ideas and imagination. It is a great pleasure to part of children’s lives and help individuals develop their dreams. As an Assistant Head, I take great pride in contributing to our children's education and I enjoy seeing their success. I am proud of being part of a team that gives each and everyone a chance to build their future.
Mrs Aydin
Herrick Primary School
Assistant Head
Mrs Aydin
  Teachers Full Time TAs Part Time TAs
Class 1 Nursery Mrs Aydin
(5 mornings)
Mrs S Kaur  
Mrs Baza
Mrs Ebrahim (L3)
  Mrs V
Samani (am)
Class 2 Reception Miss Cummings Mrs A Patel
Class 3 Miss Williams & Miss Lewis
Class 4 Year 1   Mrs Ismail   Mrs Kaur Mrs N Parmar (J.) am
Mrs N Vasani (J.) pm
Mrs Orrill (L3)
Class 5   Mrs Surani   Mrs S Varia Mrs N Vasani (S) am  Miss K Hampson (S.) pm
Class 6 Year 2   Liz Conlon   Mr A Bhatia 1:1 (A.) Mrs J Kalidas (am)
Class 7   Miss S Kaur  
Class 8 Year 3 Mrs Mankoo / Miss Broadhead   Miss Hampson Y3 (ST) am
Neha Parmar pm
Class 9 Surina Patel  
Class 10 Year 4 Uma Patel
Class 11 Roopa Shukla
Class 12 Year 5 Hajra Debar
Class 13 Matthew Maile
Class 14 Year 6 Steve Punchard
Class 15 Monica Mehta
Office Staff
Business Manager: Mrs S Tuckwood

Admin. Assistants
Mrs D Naylor & Mrs

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Bathia, Mrs Chauhan, Mrs Gandesha, Mrs Ibrahim, Mrs Kassam, Mrs Khakharia, Mrs Modessa, Mrs Pancholi, Mrs Pandya, Mrs Patel, Mrs Shah & Mrs Singh

Premises Staff
Mr J Morgan, Mrs H Duncan, Mrs D Parmar & Mrs B Visana
Herrick Primary School

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