Herrick Primary School
Herrick Primary School
Herrick Primary School
Curriculum: Statement of Intent

Integrity - makers of right choices Resilience - never giver uppers
Empathy - helper of others Citizen - members of the community
Courage - finders of the unknown

At Herrick our primary objective is to help build on character and nurture children so they are prepared for the next stage of their educational journey, and in the long term become confident and responsible citizens of the 21st century as adults.

Our curriculum aims to foster a sense of pride and personal achievement through inspiring courage, building resilience, growing in confidence and encouraging independence. We offer an inclusive curriculum which respects and celebrates children’s heritage, locality and diversity.

Developing language and Oracy is at the heart of our curriculum. Throughout their educational journey, from Nursery to Year 6, children are provided with opportunities to learn and embed ambitious language, enabling them to confidently articulate using effective vocabulary in communicating their learning, thoughts and opinions.

We ensure that our children grasp new concepts and deepen their subject knowledge through real experiences, practical and engaging tasks which promote curiosity. Overall, we strive to help children acknowledge and celebrate the history and diversity of our city and their heritage. In addition, we actively promote British values to ensure pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

Our curriculum helps our children to make sense of the world they live in, and understand their role within a global society. We aim to broaden their views of the world, think critically about global issues and develop empathy and respect.

We hope to embed the belief that ‘Learning Never Stops!’ We would like children to remain motivated and take pride in their achievements, and recognise the value of their contribution. At the end of their Herrick journey, children should see links and make connections in learning and demonstrate the Herrick Character. We want our pupils to leave with a positive attitude towards themselves, others and their environment. Taking away with them, the importance of, 'Being Me, Being Safe and Being Happy'.

Herrick Primary School
Lockerbie Avenue
Telephone: 0116 2665656
Email: office@herrick.leicester.sch.uk
Headteacher: Mr U Patel
Herrick Primary School Herrick Primary School
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