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Curriculum: Religious Education

Welcome to the RE Curriculum page. Our school RE curriculum is based on SACRE and the Local City Council's Agreed Syllabus and it meets all the requirements set out in that document. Below you will find links to all the information on RE you need to see what our children are learning at school.

Religious Education Curriculum Statement

We aim to provide an R.E curriculum that reflects the diversity and richness of the faith communities in our school, in our city and in the wider world. As pupil's progress they should understand their own beliefs and values and those of others, including individuals who follow no religion. They should explore and weigh up different communities of faith and belief. They should think deeply about life's biggest questions and issues. What is the meaning of a good person?

We aim to provide a curriculum that also enables pupils to explore values including the five 'British Values'. We want to support in creating a harmonious environment, where values of mutual respect and tolerance are recognised as key aspects of a democratic society, where we have the freedom to, ‘being me, being safe and being happy’.
SACRE Document
SACRE: Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education
School Policy
Herrick policy for the teaching and learning of RE
Whole School Overview
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