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Welcome to the Science Curriculum page. Below you will find links to all the information on Science you need to see what our children are learning at school. You may find the specific year group overview document very useful for helping to support your child's learning at home.

Science Curriculum Statement

Our intent for Science at Herrick Primary School, is to provide children with a Science curriculum which enables them to explore and discover the world around them. Children are encouraged to be curious and question the world around them and make connections to daily life. We want our children to become independent learners in exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions.

Our aim is that these experiences help children secure and extend their scientific knowledge and vocabulary. At the heart of our progressive science curriculum is scientific investigation. Wherever possible we intend to deliver lessons where children learn through varied systematic investigations, leading to them being equipped for life to ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them. We believe that these opportunities will ensure that our children are confident, life-long learners, who can apply their knowledge and scientific enquiry skills to experiences outside of school.
National Curriculum Document
Government guidance that informs planning
Implementation and Impact
How Science is taught and what we want our children to gain
School Policy
Herrick policy for the teaching and learning of Science
Working Scientifically Skills Progression
An overview of progression (primary Science)
Whole School Overview
Topics covered across the school
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Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

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