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At Herrick Primary School, we believe in celebrating every milestone, big or small, as our pupils embark on their educational journey. We come together as a close-knit community to honour the remarkable achievements of our young learners. From academic accomplishments to artistic endeavours, sporting triumphs to acts of kindness, Herrick Primary School is a place where success is nurtured and celebrated. As we gather in the spirit of unity and admiration, we recognize the extraordinary efforts and dedication of our pupils, ensuring that their achievements shine bright and inspire others to reach their full potential.

This week's Phone Home Friday is:

Week Ending Child Class
26th May 2023 Keah Rawlinson 5MM
19th May 2023 Neel Bhogesara 4SC

Congratulation to the class of 3BM, this week's highest attendance of 99%.

Week Ending Class Percentage Attendance
26th May 2023 3BM 99%
12th May 2023 2SS, 6CB & 6SP 100%
5th May 2023 3MN & 6CB 100%
28th April 2023 6SP 99%
21st April 2023 3BM 95%
7th October 2022 3BM 99% .

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Herrick Primary School Herrick Primary School
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