Herrick Primary School
Herrick Primary School
Herrick Primary School
Rewards system

Rewards & Achievements
Herrick Learning Attitudes: Independent, Investigation, Curious, Challenge, Confident!

Reception Reward System
Children’s achievements are praised through collecting stamps for their cards to go upon our Rewards Display Board.

In addition, we have 2 stars of the week which can be for something positive that they have done, for example settled in well, showed good sharing techniques, always helping out. Children’s progress and certificates will be shared with parents online via DB Primary.

Starting = 0-9
Herrick Primary School
Bronze = 10-19
Herrick Primary School
Silver = 20-29
Herrick Primary School
Gold = 30-50
Herrick Primary School
Lucky dip = 50
Herrick Primary School
Star of the week certificate

Key Stage One
Star Charts- Reach for the sky!

We encourage children to strive to their highest and acknowledge their hard work and effort through stars. Each child has a star chart which they will add their stars to as the year progresses.

Bronze 10 Stars Silver 30 stars

Gold 50 stars
Platinum 100 Stars Ruby 150 stars Sapphire 200 stars
Herrick Primary School Herrick Primary School

Herrick Learning Attitudes
We are always looking out for children who demonstrate the Herrick Learning Attitudes. Each week, two children will be receive a special note home for parents when they have set a good example for others.

Special Awards
At the end of each academic year, teachers nominate children from their class for a special KS1 Herrick Award.

Key Stage Two
This academic year, key stage two have introduced Class Dojos as their reward system. Children have been grouped into ‘houses’ and earn dojos independently and contribute to their group.

On this platform, children will be able to record, electronically, their rewards using their personal avatar. The use of Class Dojo. The children will have a (pre-recorded) rewards assembly regularly and their achievements celebrated on a constant basis.

At the end of the academic year, the group with the most dojos will receive a special treat for their contribution to a team.

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Herrick Primary School Herrick Primary School
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