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Safeguarding Tips

1st December 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
Even though the cars have headlights they might not sees you. Check our top tips to help you brighten up.
1. Dress brightly
When you go out in a dark day or nearly night, wear colourful or fluorescent clothing so the cars can see you coming.

2. Wear reflective gear
Make sure you wear reflective gear or accessories so the cars can see you in their headlights.

3. Customise your backpack
Another way to be seen is by customising your backpack with cool reflective zip clips and stickers.

Above information is taken from tales of the road please visit the website for interactive games and watch road safety videos.

17th November 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
When someone asks for your help, think about how you would feel if you were asking someone else for help.

If someone says that you've hurt them, imagine what it would be like to be hurt by someone like you. How do you feel when you're in pain? They're probably feeling those same things. If someone's crying, remember what it's like to cry and understand that that is probably how they feel at that moment.

It's good to think of other peoples' feelings and thoughts and to help each another. Always be kind, helpful and support your family and friends.

10th November 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
The number of children cycling to school alone has rapidly decreasing, largely because of worrying about traffic danger. If they are taught about road safety there’s no reason why children can’t enjoy the freedom to cycle.

We work closely with Sustrans to support our children with their cycling skills. We have started cycle training sessions for year 5 & Year 6 and in the spring term we will be working with year 3 & 4. Please visit the Sustrans website for how to teach to your child.

3rd November 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
Bonfire Night - we want you, your family and friends to have fun and to have a safe night. Here is a simple guidance and advice for you to view.

Fireman Sam has ten short videos containing safety tips for you to watch in the run up to Bonfire Night. Follow the link: Fireman Sam

6th October 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
It's important that your children know how to keep themselves safe at home. Please encourage your child to use the Belfast City Family Learning Link on our website for safety in the home games.

These games are to test how good you are at spotting hazards in all the rooms of your house.

29th September 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
Are you a switched on mum or a digital dad??

Take the parent test on our Celebrating Children: Staying Safe web page.

Think you know! 

22nd September 2017
Being Safe! Safety at Home
The most effective way to understand your child’s online behaviour is to simply through asking the following:
  • What websites and mobile apps they like using and why.
  • Who they speak to most frequently and the things they talk about and share.
  • How they make friends on line
  • If there is anyone they speak to online that they have never met in person.

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